Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry is a painless way to receive your dental treatment.

Conscious IV Sedation is proven to give you a more relaxed positive experience.

IV Sedation can be used to make longer complex procedures more comfortable. It can be applied to treatments including general dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, fillings, and more. Children and adults alike can request IV sedation.

It is used to give you a very relaxing and happier dental experience.

How Will I Feel?

IV sedation induces a sleepy state of deep relaxation and a feeling of not being perturbed by what’s going on.

You may not remember much about your treatment at all.

Is It Safe?

Yes it is completely safe. At Gentle Dental Geelong you will be looked after by our qualified and experienced, dedicated anaesthetic staff.

Feeling Nervous?

Speak to our friendly staff on the phone or email your particular concerns to us. You are treated as an individual and we take care to listen and understand your particular concerns.

How much does it cost?

Sleep Dentistry is more affordable than you may think.

Use our chat function below and lets chat via SMS, we can answer all your questions.

Those patients eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and do not have Private Health Insurance, may be eligible for bulk billed dental treatment, meaning no out of pocket expenses, except for those incurred by the Anaesthetist. Please contact us directly to determine if this is possible.

Ready for a Consultation?

Phone Gentle Dental to make an appointment with a dentist to discuss the options available to you. We will provide a no obligation, full written quote detailing the complete treatments.

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